At the risk of defending Trump…

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I think the guy is an ass hat and a moron but he still won the election and he still has a job to do. And despite refusing to miss any opportunity to make an ass out of himself, the guy is getting shit done even though he is completely unqualified, politically, he continues to improve many of the problems this country faced after the mess Obama made of it for 8 years.

I remember quite well how many times Obama blamed all of the problems of this world on the mess that bush made while doing very little to clean it up. In many cases, Obama doubled down on the messes that George Bush made. Iraq anyone? Afghanistan? Let’s talk about Somalia and Libya and so on ad nauseam.

It will be rare that I Pat Trump on the back, but this image reminds us that- for a hack- he has done more in a year and a half then the last two guys did over the course of the last 16.

I need to go take a shower now.

[Image via Daily Torch]

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