Merriam – Webster Defines “incredulous” thusly:

“unwilling to admit or accept what is offered as true”.

We consider this a decent tone-setter… but it doesn’t say nearly enough to help us get our heads around how fucked up and batshit crazy the world has become.

Now… if you were looking for a group hug website you failed. We suggest you hit the ‘back’ key… otherwise, let’s get to work…

We could think of no better … moderately family-friendly… word to lead the site title than “Incredulous”. It almost adequately represents our reactions to so many of the things we see and hear about that take place all around us each and every mind-numbing and jaw-dropping day.

We swapped out the “c” for a “k” just so we could flex a little bit of our artistic muscle.

The “Basterd “bit was inspired by the movie titled”Inglourious Basterds“. Those were some seriously fucked-in-the-head dudes… with seriously big stones and a hardcore commitment to their work. We admire that in righteous people.

For the record… and by way of giving a shout-out to any politically correct or easily offended asshole who might find him or herself having accidentally landed anywhere on these pages… this website is intended to shine a very bright light on all the ways you and your ilk have made our collective lives incredibly darker and more difficult than they need to be. Our only consolation… at least until you finally succeed in destroying our First Amendment rights… is that we are here to revel in drinking the tears of your hatred & self-loathing.

To everyone else, welcome… and for what it’s worth, we have no respect for either the left or the right and are not registered with any political party. We thought that might matter at some point down the road when you catch us ripping both sides of the argument.

Don’t get your undies in a bundle… it’s just how we roll

We don’t have many rules here because we don’t like rules. We encourage you to comment or share and we don’t care if you swear and pitch bitch fits. It’s how we roll too, so we’re not going to hold you to a different standard. We do, however, want you to know that personal attacks or threats will not be tolerated. These are classified as capital crimes that are punishable by account death.

Oh… and before we forget… we have one teenie weenie piece of advice which is posted on our Facebook page:

We don’t care about your party or which dark corner of American Society & Culture you choose to huddle together in while quivering in fear of the wrath of the “disapprovers”. We DO care about “suffering fools gladly” because… we won’t.

Peace out Brothers & Sisters. ~ Editor